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$3,994 $97

Plus $29.99 Monthly Membership

Package Includes:

$1,997 Day 1: Weaponize Your Personal & Business Fundability for Success

  • The Most Valuable Asset Your Business Will Ever Have
  • How to Catch Your Own Goose that Lays Golden “Business Funding” Eggs
  • The ONE Thing You Need to Have so You Can Trigger BIG Approvals
  • Fundability™ Account Maximizing Strategies
  • The Beauty of Fundability™ Over All Other Funding Sources

$1,997 Day 2: Insider Secrets to Guaranteed Business Approvals

  • The ‘Holy Crap That Was Easy’ Way to Accelerate Business Lender Approvals
  • The Right Way to Get Funding Approvals (You’ve Been Lied To)
  • The Biggest Mistake in Business Funding That Will Ruin Your Momentum
  • The Secret Weapons for Higher Business Funding Approvals
  • The Top Eight Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them
  • The 30-Minute Secret That Can 10X Approvals
  • And MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!


$7,285 $197

Plus $29.99 Monthly Membership

Package Includes:

  • Everything in the SILVER EVENT PASS


  • 2-Day Fundability Bootcamp Recordings — ($597 Value)
  • Video Library with over 360 hours of education — ($1,997 Value)
  • ​Insider Secrets to The Money Game ebook — ($198 Value)
  • Insider Secrets to The Game Game ebook — ($199 Value)
  • Proven Dispute Templates — ($397 Value)
  • Debt Validation Letter
  • 4 - Collection to Debt Collector Letters
  • ​8 - Collection to Credit Bureau Letters
  • ​24 - FCRA Violation Disputes
  • ​Post Validation Letter
  • ​3 - Followup Response Letters
  • ​10 - Multiple Account Disputes
  • ​16 - PBID Dispute Letters
  • ​Active Duty Military Dispute
  • ​Dispute Escalation Letter
  • ​Goodwill Dispute Letter
  • ​Identity Theft Dispute
  • ​Inquiry Dispute
  • ​Intention to File Complaint with the FTC letter
  • ​Lawsuit Notice
  • ​Procedure Verification Letter
  • ​2 - Terminus Date Disputes
  • ​Plus Several Others
  • The Guide to Talking to Debt Collectors — ($47 Value )
  • Attendance to ALL Future Fundability Bootcamps — (Priceless)
  • Private Facebook Group — (Priceless)
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with Merrill Chandler — (Priceless)


$9,785 $1997

Plus $29.99 Monthly Membership

Package Includes:

  • Everything in the PLATINUM EVENT PASS


  • 2 Hour Strategic Business Coaching Session with Merrill — ($1,997 Value) That includes:
  • What is Your "Z"?
  • Reaching your Z
  • Time to Z
  • ​Life Endgame
  • ​5 Year Strategy
  • ​1 Year Strategy
  • ​Quarterly Strategy
  • ​Monthly Strategy
  • ​Mortgage Pay Down Strategy
  • Strategic Assets Evaluation
  • Liquid Assets
  • Cash
  • HELOCs
  • ​Investments (Stocks, Bonds, IRA, etc)
  • ​Digital Currency
  • ​Insurance
  • Non-Liquid Assets
  • Primary Residence Equity
  • Vehicles
  • ​Collectibles 
  • Income Streams Analysis
  • Real Estate
  • Fix & Flip
  • Buy & Hold
  • ​Syndications
  • ​Notes
  • Private Lending
  • Franchising
  • Trading
  • M&A
  • Business Ownership Evaluation
  • Exit Strategy
  • Enterprise Operating System (EOS)
  • Valuation Model
  • Strategic Fundability Audit
  • More than 7 fundability factors evaluated
  • Revolving Accounts Portfolio Evaluation
  • Personal
  • ​Business
  • Fundability Index Analysis
  • Strategic Banking Relationships Audit
  • Personal
  • ​Business
  • ​New Zero - Personal
  • ​New Zero - Business
  • ​Business Cascade Evaluation
  • Qualified Fundable Entity Analysis
  • QFE Candidates Evaluation
  • ​QFE Identity Evaluation
  • ​Business Codes Audit
"Every morning my team and I go over our client wins. Hearing the successes, I am reminded that I’m doing what I love to do!   Each win shows how our insider secrets can shift the power from the Lenders to YOU. 

I started this journey in 1997 to prove that Fundability Optimization can radically improve the lives of everyone it touches. 

Are you ready to see how your life can improve?"
— Merrill        

What People Are Saying... 

Need More Convincing?

Yes...the rumors are true.
We helped Teresa get a 
$500,000 UNSECURED
business line of credit.*
*That is an extraordinary result!

The reality is...
we helped hundreds of people just like you get
$20,000—$50,000 even $100,000 AND MORE
in Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
(and approvals for every other kind of funding you can imagine!)

$200+ MILLION and counting!
Now we want to HELP YOU!
Live Event - Streamed Online
Friday, June 3rd
Saturday, June 4th
Choose your event pass by clicking the buttons below to attend the Get Fundable! Bootcamp

What People Are Saying... 

Here's a special message for every Real Estate and Business Entrepreneur who needs to get access to TROPHY credit lines, but can't get passed the bank's secret underwriting systems.

Hey Tribe,

Many real estate and business entrepreneurs suffer from the idea that getting funding approvals is based solely on your credit score.


And if you're a real estate or business entrepreneur who wants to have more money to do more deals AND keep more of the profits in your pocket...


I'd like to introduce you to my online Get Fundable! Fundability™ Bootcamp which helps you qualify for TROPHY Business Credit Lines!


✓ How to get the cheapest money available to do more deals...
✓ Why 99% of real estate investors can't get cheap bank money...
✓ The number one key to saying goodbye to expensive hard money and private money costs...
✓ How to get big dollar loans by taking advantage of automatic bank underwriting systems...
✓ The top 3 essential elements you need to have a fundable business...
✓ Learn the REAL SECRET for using the “velocity of fundability™” to put hundreds of thousands in your pocket…
 ✓ Turn decades into days by avoiding the 3 most common real estate investor mistakes that kill your fundability™...


At my Get Fundable! Fundability™ Bootcamp, you will discover the answers to the most important funding questions. At this powerful event we will:

✓ Answer the question — How can I easily qualify for “trophy” business credit lines?
✓ Answer the question — What is a funding "Golden Goose” and how do I get it to lay golden eggs for me?”
✓ Answer the question — How can I tell the difference between TRUE business credit and what “business credit” predators are promoting (and not ruin my personal credit in the process)?…
✓ And much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?
Now you never have to worry about being stopped by the “hidden” underwriting criteria of banks again! Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you have to provide "full documentation" to get approved.

And best of all…

By attending my online Get Fundable! Fundability™ Bootcamp, you'll start seeing results almost immediately, and it’s...

Only $97 for a Silver Event Pass
Only $197 plus $29 per month for a Gold Event Pass
Only $1997 plus $29 per month for a Platinum Event Pass

Again, if you're a Real Estate or Business Entrepreneur who wants to have more money to do more deals AND keep more of the profits in your pocket, understand this:

✓ The rules of business funding have changed and automatic underwriting systems make it possible to get the cheapest money faster than ever before…
✓ Establishing your own Qualified Fundable Entity is the #1 way to get more business capital in today's lending environment...
✓ The online Get Fundable! Fundability™ Bootcamp gives you the confidence to walk into any Lender knowing you will be approved...

The Fundabaility,  Inc. online Get Fundable! Fundability™ Bootcamp holds the key to your success by helping you get qualified for these amazing TROPHY Business Credit Lines.

I’ll see you on the inside…


Merrill Chandler, High-Performance Fundability™ Coach

PS. Remember…you’re only one approval away…

Live Event - Streamed Online
Friday, June 3rd
Saturday, June 4th
Choose your Event Pass by clicking the buttons below to attend the GET FUNDABLE! Bootcamp.
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